Over the past thirty plus (30+) years, Building Concepts’ president, Lou Aba, has been a self-employed contractor. Early in his career he focused on residential remodeling. That rapidly grew into both residential and commercial, ground-up construction. As the projects increased in size, so too did the scope, expanding into industrial and warehouse construction. Then with thje company and the economy expanding, BCI began multi-family development and retail renovations. As the condo boom ended, the hospitality race heated up and all that high-rise expertise came in handy.

Today, as we are all aware, the economy is sluggish at best. Only the well run firms have weathered the storm. Thankfully Building Concepts Inc., may count itself as one of those well run.

Most notable of the historic comments we can add to this anthology is that Building Concepts has retained most of the employees, subcontractors and suppliers it acquired during its growth years. They now form the backbone of the company. It is the combined expertise of these companies and individuals that allow Building Concepts to perform at a level unequaled in the tri-state area.


  • Lou Alba - Founder and President
  • John Alba - Sr. Project Manager


General Contractors are usually thought of as “brokers” who aggregate the expertise of subcontractors to achieve a finished building. While Building Concepts draws upon the strengths of its licensed specialty trade contractors, the majority of its non-licensed construction is completed using company personnel.

We believe that the investment we have made in our people pays dividends for both our company and our clients.

Also, given that we have the internal expertise, we support their efforts with a depth and breadth of equipment not often found in the industry. This is just an example of how we are able to honor schedules unrestricted by dependencies upon equipment rental agencies or third-party providers.

Serving the NYC metro area, North Jersey, Southern Ct and all of Long Island.