• To learn from each project and carry that knowledge forward.
  • To promote the growth of our employees both in their professional and personal life.
  • To support our suppliers and subcontractors, offering them the same respect and loyalty that we wish to receive from them.
  • To exceed our clients’ expectations by providing world class service, both on-time and on budget.

Construction companies and their personnel are usually thought of as transients. Here today and who knows where by tomorrow. That concept is fostered by the expectations of the companies’ officers which is projected onto its employees, suppliers and subcontractors. We believe that a mental outlook such as this is a recipe for disaster.

Building Concepts Inc., is small enough to reward the personal efforts of its employees and strategic partners, yet large enough to permit them to grow within the organization and through the complexities of its projects. Our personnel don’t think of their daily work as a “job”, but as a career. It’s not something to do, until something else comes along, it’s a profession to build upon. It’s that line of thinking that creates our army of experts. We then channel their combined knowledge and resources to construct our clients’ dreams, creating a finished building that we can all be proud to have participated in. Pride in workmanship is the glue that holds us all together.


Mom always said "Don't try to be something you're not. Be honest, and show your commitment to learning." Another elder family friend would say "How many years experience you have at that now?"… loaded question …. as a kid I would fall for it and answer something like "5 1/2 years now." Only to be shot down with "NOT ENOUGH EXPERIENCE." ha ha - Old Guys!

Yes - experience matters - but learning new things every day goes along with the job.

These wisdoms are a great foundation for gaining the experience necessary to be effective in the NYC Metro construction industry.

35 Years - that's a good deal of EXPERIENCE…. is it enough? Results and reputation tell the story.

Point of View and Relationship

There's always a need for someone that is willing to work hard, do the dirty work, and make things happen. Moving materials, cleaning up the site, and moving more heavy stuff.

We know what actually goes on at a construction site.

A television show doesn't have the time or the need to show all the dirty grunt work that goes into each job, or the subtleties of relationships that must be navigated to get the job done with every manner of agency, inspector, trade and union.

On time on budget - making things go right!

Ecology of a City

Is it the pattern of relations between organisms and their environment or the study of the interaction of people with their environment?

The cities effect the environment. They are an environment unto themselves.

Whether we believe in global warming or the limits of earth's resources it is how we live in and interact with our cities and the environment that counts. What we create today will be our children's heritage. Making things a little better every day adds up to a whole lot of improvement in a hundred years.

We are part of the solution.